Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sea Sand Structures

BSSA IAAC Joint Workshop

A three day joint workshop (19th-21st January 2010) is conducted simultaneously at BSSA, Mumbai and IAAC, Barcelona.
A Vertical Studio comprising of students from the Second and the Third Year have collaborated into groups to analyze and respond to the heterogenous condition of a land-sea "fringe" condition that skirts the island city of Mumbai. It is an interesting opportunity is to see an array of diverse proposals.
The Fringe
Mumbai enjoys diverse fringe conditions ranging from natural to those that have evolved with activities such as religious, recreational and occupational.
In each circumstance specific parameters from land and sea conditions are derived to generate structures that colonize the fringe.
The Sites
The Sites selected include:
The Beach
Fishing Village
Sea Port
The Program
An open ended, process based studio is encouraged where each group determines a specific criteria to be addressed and renders them into 3 dimensional built constructs such as pavilions, installations, environments.

Dipal Kothari, Atrey Chhaya
Anand Pandit, Ekta Idnany

Trilochan Chhaya